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Zuul's Evil Disco
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Now Streaming!

Homemade Prozak

What's up ZED HEADS!  We've heard you and are pleased to share that our second album is now available on streaming services like Spotify, Apply Music and more! Here are several popular songs for you to enjoy or you can visit your favourite service by clicking on <<Get Album>> below. We are thrilled so many of ya's still reach out and dig the tunes. Shake your asses!

As there are no real album or CD inlays anymore, we will post some of the covers shortly. 

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What We've Been Up To

As a band, we've pretty much retired, but many of us are still connected and in regular contact. Currently, several of our former members are in various acts you can catch live, mostly in Ontario.  

U.N. Jefferson

These purveyors of fine soul music are lead by none other that our own Ajay Massey.

This band will not just kick your ass, but slap it too as you won't be be able to stop dancing.

The Legendary Castaways

Need some great Blues?

Look no further than Paul's other project with our good friends Joel Krass (Headstrong) & Ben Wilson (Strange Bargain). You'll want to drink more. That's all.

Grace 2

Possibly one of the best bands in Canada that celebrates The Tragically Hip.

Check out what James Leacock, Jeff Shaughnessy & Paul Domanski are doing! 


Dré Noronha has been partnering with his long-time writing partner and brother Jeff Gaudet on a number of tracks born out of the former band Shrine.

More coming in 2024!

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