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"If you can't shake yo ass to Zuul's Evil Disco... it's time ta getta new ass!"

- Tom Everett - CHRW Radio Western, 1997ish

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Zuul's Evil Disco (aka ZED) were a funk rock band from London, Ontario, Canada that formed in the nineties. They won the coveted Rising Star Award in 2001 at Canadian Music Week abd were inducted into the London Music Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of Zuul’s Evil Disco - a group of crazy performers that will catch your eye, entertain you, intrigue you, and make you groove.  Known for their catchy tunes and outrageous live performances, Zuul’s Evil Disco have become a recognizable name in the Southern Ontario independent music scene.  Their mission: to invade the nation with their funky sensation.  Formed and based out of London since early 1996, Zuul’s Evil Disco have fused various musical genres to create a unique sound.  This sonic salad is comprised of funk, disco, metal, rock n’ roll, pop and hip-hop resulting in a sound very distinct from other acts.   The group is a young, energetic, and ambitious collective aspiring to become actively involved in the larger commercial Canadian music scene.  

Zuul’s Evil Disco’s accomplishments have included:


  • • Selling over 1100 units of debut CD release Funkalupatropolis

  • • Being featured on Muchmusic’s Indie Spotlight for video single “Mr. Funkalupicus”

  • • Featured on Muchmusic’s television special “Fromage ‘98”

  • • Featured on Muchmusic’s “Wackiest Moments ‘99”

  • • Selected to showcase at both COCA ’98 and NXNE ’98

  • • Opening for acts such as 54-40, Gandharvas, Scratching Post, and Twisted Sister

  • • Invited to Showcase Canadian Music Week ’99 and CMW 2000

  • • Awarded the Southern Comfort Rising Star Music award for CMW ’99

  • • Included on the nationally distributed CMW ‘ 99 Sampler CD (26K circ)

  • • Invited to perform at the CMW ’99 closing party

  • • Included on CMW 2000 CD Sampler, Kokanee Snowboard Sampler 2000

  • • Requested to be the house band for Craven A’s Just For Laughs Tour in London ‘99

  • • Invited to showcase NXNE ’99

  • • Invited to perform at the NXNE ’99 closing party

  • • Sold over 700 copies of new album Homemade Prozak since November ‘99


…And they refuse to stop there!!!


Zuul’s Evil Disco’s eccentric stage antics incorporate everything from comical costumes, ridiculous stage props and utter chaos to break dancing and puppet shows, creating an unforgettable live performances.  (Please note: they do not breath fire on stage…as of yet).  Put the intense stage show together with the funky tunes, a big chunk of fun, a pinch of dirty love, and eight spoons of positivity, and BOOM!…you experience Zuul’s Evil Disco…a Y2K compatible system!

…and is Y2K compatible.

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